Campaign for Prison Phone Justice

The "Campaign for Prison Phone Justice" is challenging prison phone kickbacks and the U.S. Prison Telephone Industry.

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FCC Field Hearing Attempts to Focus Prison Phone Conversation on Contraband CellPhones
After voting against comprehensive reform of the prison telephone industry, FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai is turning his focus to contraband cellphones in correctional facilities.
New FCC Rate Caps in Effect - Let the FCC Know if You are Being Overcharged!
New FCC Rate Caps went into effect for calls from state and federal prison systems on March 17th. Most ancillary fees from all detention facilities were also banned, and those that remain were capped. Detailed information regarding current rates and fees, as well as information on how to file a complaint with the FCC if you are being overcharged can be accessed at:
Hall of Shame
A group of state Attorneys General can't get their hands out of prisoner family pockets.
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Help My Boys
Joyce is disabled and on a very tight budget and cannot afford to take calls from her two incarcerated sons. She is worried about them being "alone" and asks if there is a way to make the calls affordable for "normal people."
Commissioner Mignon Clyburn: Truth to Power
Commissioner Mignon Clyburn championed prison phone justice and won a historic vote at the Federal Communications Commission.
Prison Phone Justice: Briefing
What would you pay to hear the voice of an imprisoned loved one? Almost anything, right? The telecoms know it.
Sign the petition that we will deliver to the Federal Communications C...
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