Help My Boys
Joyce is disabled and on a very tight budget and cannot afford to take calls from her two incarcerated sons. She is worried about them being "alone" and asks if there is a way to make the calls affordable for "normal people."
I was 14 years old
In response to an article posted in the Arkansas CURE July 2015 newsletter about Juvenile Life Without Parole.
How I got involved in prison issues
One woman tells the story of how she got involved in RAPP, Release Aging People in Prison.
A Mother’s Story of Visiting an Aging Incarcerated Man
Mrs. Rose Laborde is 90. Her son has been incarcerated in New York state for more than 30 years. Visiting grows harder as families age along with their incarcerated loved ones.
Della’s view on aging prisoners
Shazzia’s story
Shazzia's interest in prison issues comes from family experience
Yaa Asantewaa Nzinga on The Issue
Interview at Albany New York Political Event
Cost of Phone Calls Hurt Families
A mother shares her story.
Latoya’s community targeted by criminal justice
Latoya realized a lot of the people she knew had been involved in the criminal justice system. She thought she was making bad choices personally, until she realized the system was set up to target certain people. She opposed mass incarceration.
Speak your piece to end the new Jim Crow!
Five Mualimmak from the Campaign to End the New Jim Crow asks to share your story on video, audio or text!